Lynda Hylton



Singing has been a part of Lynda's life from the age of five (5).  She comes from a family with a rich history of music dating back to great grandparents.  Her uncle, Fred Barker, Jr. sang and wrote songs with Vep Ellis in Oral Roberts Crusades. 

Lynda, always shy of crowds, would take the stage, close her eyes and sing about Jesus.  Her first LP album was recorded with her sister Annie at LeFevre Studios in Atlanta when she was sixteen (16 ) years of age.

She  married Raymond Hylton in 1977 and had a son, Christopher, and traveled  extensively in West Virginia (her home state).

Lynda and her family began traveling throughout the United States with WorldWide Faith Outreach in tents, convention centers and churches.  After moving to Florida, she began working as a consultant with International Dove Foundation. She was soloist and musician at House of David in Sanford, FL  She also appeared on Super Channel in Orlando on telethons and weekly broadcasts.

Lynda formed "I O U Ministries" and began traveling across the nation singing, preaching and appearing on     numerous television programs, such as TBN's Praise the Lord, Nancy Harmon's "Love Special", Rejoice program on All American Network, and Atlanta Live on WATC/TV 57. with her son, Christopher. Later they began recording their own television program "Worship" on The Victory Network.

Currently, Lynda is still traveling with her son Christopher in Revivals, Conferences and Praise and Worship workshops.  She is also involved in various Women conferences each year. 

Lynda developed a love for the computer and saw a wonderful opportunity to reach  the world through the World Wide Web and Media ministry and established IOU Creations  in 1998.  She is passionate about helping Churches and Ministries present their ministry to the world at an affordable rate through the internet    and inspired media presentations.

Lynda Barker Hylton

Lynda Barker Hylton


  • Sang with Hamilton Trio 1977-1980
  • WorldWide Faith Outreach 1981-1989
  • Eagle Recordings 1987-1992  as sound engineer, BGV and musician
  • BetterWay Records contract 1990-1993 "He Never Left Me" written by Lynda (Top 20/Singing News Chart/Better Way Records/1991)
  • Nominated Best Vocal Collaboration "I Keep Coming Back to Lord" (Lynda Hylton/Quinton Mills duet/1991)
  • Numerous television appearances on TBN, Dove Broadcasting, Super Channel 55, The Victory Network,    Unity Broadcasting, All American Network
  • Penned over 500 songs
  • Harvest Church (minister of music/1997-2000)
  • Karen Wheaton recorded "Jesus Is There" (written by Lynda) 2001
  • Songwriter of the Year Award (ISGMN/2002)